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Putting a Name and Face Behind Text Message Contributions

Last month, the FEC approved a method for contributing to federal political committees by text message (AO 2012-17), but noted that the process described in that AO might not be the only permissible method.  Since that opinion, there have already been additional requests that seek clarification of the Commission’s rules on text message contributions.  On Monday, … Continue Reading

The FEC and Emerging Technology in Campaign Fundraising

Text messaging and donor focused websites in campaign fundraising were among the topics covered at the open meeting last Thursday (audio of meeting).  Two decisions will mark important milestones in the FEC’s regulation of money in cyberspace.  Contributions by text message.  FEC AO 2012-26 (Cooper for Congress, et al.) (draft AO) and 2012-28 (CTIA) (AO … Continue Reading