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Will the FEC Declare War on Russia?

Noting that we are at an “all hands on deck” moment for our democracy, FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub circulated to the Commission yesterday a document citing former Vice President Dick Cheney for the proposition that the United States is now at war with Russia, and that “[e]very part of our government that has jurisdiction over … Continue Reading

The FEC Revisits the Ban on Foreign Nationals’ Financing of American Elections

On Thursday, the FEC will return to the question of foreign nationals’ involvement in United States elections. This is an important question that deserves appropriate attention from our government.  Be it the role of Chinese government-linked funds in the 1996 presidential campaign or the Russian government-linked cyber intrusion in the 2016 presidential race, Congress and … Continue Reading

FEC to Reconsider Political Involvement by U.S. Subsidiaries of Foreign Corporations on Tuesday

Foreign nationals, both individuals and corporations, have long been barred from making contributions in federal, state or local elections in the United States. The statutory prohibition includes contributions made “directly” or “indirectly,” bars the solicitation as well as the making of contributions, and since 2002, includes a ban on expenditures, independent expenditures, or electioneering communications … Continue Reading

How Much Can a Former Candidate’s Campaign Committee Contribute to a Super PAC?

That is the question before the Federal Election Commission on Thursday at its next open meeting.  In a draft Advisory Opinion posted Friday, the preliminary answer is that a former candidate’s campaign committee faces no limits on contributions to a Super PAC. The question is posed by former candidate, Mike Haridopolos.  He dropped out of … Continue Reading

The FEC and Emerging Technology in Campaign Fundraising

Text messaging and donor focused websites in campaign fundraising were among the topics covered at the open meeting last Thursday (audio of meeting).  Two decisions will mark important milestones in the FEC’s regulation of money in cyberspace.  Contributions by text message.  FEC AO 2012-26 (Cooper for Congress, et al.) (draft AO) and 2012-28 (CTIA) (AO … Continue Reading