For many of us, the New Year brings new resolutions, both professionally and personally.  For those of us that are involved with Corporate PAC’s, the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) makes it simple to quickly check one of these goals—to cultivate a better understanding of the FEC regulations that govern Corporate PACs—off our list.  On March 3rd, the FEC will host a full-day Corporate PAC Webinar covering the basics of federal election law and PAC Operations.  If you feel comfortable with the basics, the FEC also offers a half-day program solely focused on PAC Operations.  The FEC charges a nominal fee for these training ($80 for a full-day, $60 for a half-day).

In the past, these trainings have provided Corporate PAC’s with high-quality presentations, focused on providing even the most novice with a thorough understanding of the Corporate PAC basics.  While these trainings are not designed to address a Corporate PAC’s most complex issues, this is a great way to refresh your understanding of federal election law.