On March 14, 2014, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia filed a civil complaint in a Lobbying Disclosure Act (“LDA”) enforcement action against an Alexandria, Virginia based lobbying firm.  (Hat tip to Legal Times.)  This is only the second such complaint to be filed.  We reported on the first case, brought less than a year ago, here.

The complaint alleges that defendants Alan Mauk and Alan Mauk Associates, Ltd. “repeatedly and routinely failed to file lobbying disclosure reports as is required under the LDA.”  The complaint alleges that the defendants failed to timely file 26 reports since 2009, including quarterly LD-2 lobbying activity reports and semiannual LD-203 contribution reports.  The defendants were allegedly notified at least 22 times by the House and Senate about the unfiled reports.  The complaint states that each violation carries up to a $200,000 penalty, pushing the potential fine over $5 million.

Although this is only the second real LDA enforcement action to be brought, it does indicate that the pace of enforcement is quickening.   It is also worth noting that this is another action against a registered firm for failing to file its reports, and as we pointed out when discussing the first case, there still have not been any cases filed against an unregistered lobbyist or corporation.  But it might be just a matter of time before that shoe drops, as well.